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collaborative Services


community connections

Grove Collaborative Services enjoys building strong connections within the Hampton Roads community.  Having strong roots within the community in which we live is the glue that brings us all together.  It is critical that we partner with businesses and community organizations to reach the goals of Grove Collaborative Services.  


GCS invites you to become a community partner with us to provide housing and Come to a Collaborative Mix & Mingle event beginning in Fall 2023 as we bring together Hampton Roads resources for young adults aging out of foster care. 

young adult housing initiative

Grove Collaborative Services welcomes young adults, ages 18-21, in Hampton Roads who have aged out of foster care. Participants must fill out an intake form and participate in an interview and background check. Our homes are safe and affordable. When you exit the housing program, not only will you have access to permanent housing, but you will also have the life skills to live your version of a successful life.  Bet on yourself today! Join our grove!

Community Service

financial literacy program

In partnership with local banks and financial advisors, Grove Collaborative Services offers financial literacy classes. Classes have a minimum attendance requirement and are mandatory to remain in housing. You will learn how to manage your money, create a budget, save for the future, tenets of business/entrepreneurship and ways to increase your income.


life skills

Setting goals in life is a way to achieve success. Here at GCS, we will equip you with the tools you need to properly set goals, work towards achieving them, build a resume, dress for success, prepare well-balanced meals, maintain a hygienic home environment and live in harmony with others. We use the Casey Life Skills Assessment along with your input to pinpoint areas of need and teach you how to achieve life skills necessary for success.

Life Skills

academic education

Grove Collaborative Services will assist you with post-secondary goals, including but not limited to, college tours, application assistance, FAFSA forms, communication with your high school, graduation preparation, etc.


technical education

If college isn't for you, we understand. Grove Collaborative Services will assist you in attaining a trade. We partner with numerous work sources to offer HVAC, Plumbing, Trucking, Shipyard training and employment opportunities.

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