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A bit About Us

Grove Collaborative Services (GCS) is named in part for the founder’s last name Hargrove, however the concept of a grove lends itself to the principles of community, clarity and success.  A grove is a group of trees that grows closely together, generally without many bushes or other plants underneath and is often produced for fruit. 

Just as the trees of a grove are nestled closely together, GCS connects with organizations to build strong connections within our community. We also work with local leaders and are focused on providing services to young adults who are aging out of foster care in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia.

At Grove Collaborative Services, we prioritize clarity, honesty, and transparency in all of our daily activities, practices, and partnerships. We strive to make our operations visible and easily understandable, just like the trunks of a grove.

Finally, just as a grove is produced for its fruit-bearing qualities, Grove Collaborative Services’ residents will be empowered to live productive lives that will enable them to become successful in their future endeavors.

Become a part of our Grove today!

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